JMSA Early Learning Center LLC


 1yr olds Ratio 1: 5 Max : 10

AT JMSA We strive to provide a stimulating environment that fosters a toddlers independence. We understand that toddlers are active children with many interest during this period, your child will learn skills that included pushing, bending and building an early vocabulary. the toddler program focuses heavily in social skills that children need to be successful in a group environment. Toddlers are encourage to work thru conflicts and emotion using words instead of actions (i e hitting). Teachers asset children in aging word necessary to have social success.


* Weekly Themed Lesson Plans

* Daily What I Did Today

* Reguglar Communication with Teachers

* Low Ratio

* Age Appropiate Activities

The Toddler's class introduces structure base-learning in a safe and nurturing environment. The lesson plan-driven system ensures that your child receives the best learning while having fun.                       

 Daily Center Times Includes:

* Music & Story Time

* Creative Art

* Circle Time

* Sensory & Science

* Large & Small Gross Motor Skills

* Dramatic Play