JMSA Early Learning Center LLC

Toddlers II

 2yr olds Ratio 1:5 Max 10

 The Toddler II class is the next stage of development following our Toddler program. They are now independent, curious and into lots of exploration. Toys, equipment and programs are designed to encourage discovery and learning. A strong focus at this stage is potty training, which includes often asking if they have to go to the restroom and before you know it you have a potty trained child. They have expanded their language skills and can communicate verbally. At this stage, independence dominates and exploration is their number one priority.



* Weekly Themed Lesson Plans

* Daily What I Did Today

* Potty Training

* Reguglar Communication with Teachers

* Low Ratio

* Age Appropiate Activities

 2 1/2 yrs old Ratio 1 to 7 Max 7


This classroom is undergoing many good changes. The Toddler II room is starting a currliculum base-age appropiate scheduled learning experience. The lesson plan-driven system ensures that your child receives the best learning while having fun.

Daily Center Times Includes:

* Music & Story Time

* Creative Art

* Circle Time ( Shapes, Colors, Numbers & ABC's)

* Sensory & Science

* Large & Small Gross Motor Skills

* Dramatic Play