JMSA Early Learning Center LLC

Preschool Program I


This class is designed to prepare children for the pre-kindergarten classroom.This classroom introduces children to pre-reading and math concepts, prepares children to play cooperatively, and provides many opportunities for language development. The introduction of routines and rules allow for children to become more confident and independent within their learning environment. Teachers prepare group and individual activities within the Creative Curriculum lesson plan to foster each child's fine/gross motor development, cognitive development and emerging language skills.  


            The JMSA Preschool Curriculum includes:

· small group activities planned for every child, throughout every day.

· literacy and writing activities are age appropriate and are provided daily.

·activities and music to balance learning and fun

·emotional and social development with peers and teachers

·planned outdoor activities for physical fitness and develoment

·daily enrichment activities to encourage imaginative and creative play.

· progress reports on child’s daily accomplishments

. decision-making skills