JMSA Early Learning Center LLC

Dear Prospective Parents:

Thank you for inquiring about Just My Size Academy Early Learning Center. I know that searching for preschool/childcare for your child can be overwhelming. I present Just My Size Academy Early Learning Center as an industry standard toward which others will strive. We spend long hours reviewing the latest practices in the early childhood classroom as well as meeting with parents to determine the needs of families. JMSA continues to grow and adapt to the changes and needs of our community. We welcome ideas, suggestions, and feedback on all levels. We believe that together, we grow.

Our program is designed as a partnership between caregiver and family. We work with parents to meet the individual needs of each child in our care. We believe that the work of a child is his or her play and that play serves as a vehicle for learning. We provide opportunities for children to be part of a group, to compromise, to share, to lead, and to follow. We encourage curiosity, exploration, and discovery. We offer both teacher-initiated and free-choice activities in-age-group classrooms. We strive to ensure that each child is given the opportunity to develop the foundation necessary for a lifetime of enjoyable learning.

I hope that this letter gives you a good overview of, Just My Size Academy Early Learning Center our beliefs and our commitment to providing quality care in a warm and nurturing environment while promoting exploration, discovery, and growth. I encourage you to visit Just My Size Academy and experience for yourself what we believe is a wonderful place to work, to play, to learn, and to grow.



Renee Cobbs